Destination Distillery: Tours of Cold River Vodka Factory



Vodka enthusiasts from around the world are lining up for a behind-the-scenes look at how fresh Maine potatoes, crisp mountain spring water and the right amount of care and attention make the super-premium Cold River Vodka.

Maine Distilleries, maker of Cold River Vodka, has opened the doors of its distillery to the public. Thirty-minute tours will be offered five days a week at the distillery in Freeport on Route One, a few miles south of the famed L.L. Bean.

Vodka aficionados can see the complex distilling process, talk to the staff, and shop in the gift shop for Cold River Vodka logo items and Green Thumb Farms gourmet potatoes grown in western Maine and used to make Cold River Vodka.

"Cold River Vodka is more than a drink, it's about an experience," says Chris Dowe, head distiller for Cold River Vodka, who will be available to answer questions during most tour times. "A tour of the distillery will allow our customers to experience a unique Maine destination."

The free tours will be on a first-come-first-serve basis Wednesday through Sunday. The distillery is closed Monday and Tuesday.

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Edited by Patricia D. Sherman

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